David Kurten on the arrest of a citizen for speaking at Speakers Corner and the government/police suppression of our natural freedoms.

David Kurten debates a left-wing woman about the vandalism and removal of statues in the UK

David Kurten opposes LGBT lessons in schools triggering Labour and the Tories into fits of selective outrage

David Kurten asks Sadiq Khan what he thinks of Nigel Farage leading Brexit negotiations with the EU

David Kurten says we need sustainable not mass immigration!

David Kurten enquires about wheelchair accessibility for buses and taxi ranks.

David Kurten questions Mayor's new (renewable electricity) energy company.

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David Kurten attempts to make everyone more positive about Brexit!

David Kurten asks about pollution and new taxi access charges at Heathrow.

David Kurten: Why have you banned Euro 6 Diesel taxis, but not Euro 6 diesel Private Hire Vehicles.

David Kurten says London needs to incinerate its own waste rather than sending it abroad.

Kurten vs. Boff: Mass immigration is leading to a water crisis.

Kurten puts questions on taxis and PHVs.

Assembly Member David Kurten questions Transport Commissioner Mike Brown on taxis and private hire.

David Kurten discusses City Hall preparations for 29.03.19

Kurten asks Khan's Deputy Mayor why he will licence new diesel Private Hire Vehicles but not taxis

David Kurten questions the Mayor on his Budget.

Kurten questions the mayor on the future of London's taxi trade.

Kurten grills Khan on his gloomy Brexit forecasts.

Lewisham East Hustings - UKIP Heckled by Far-Left Mob

Debate: Can boys have periods too?

David Kurten - Freedom of speech is under attack.

David Kurten - An Introdcution to cultural Marxism.

David Kurten grills Sadiq Khan on selective policing in London. Why are BLM treated softly-softly while peaceful freedom protestors are charged by riot police?

David Kurten tells the London Assembly: "There is no climate emergency!"

David Kurten asks how the Mayor will use the Adult Education budget to skill up Londoners, and what he will do in particular to help white working-class boys.

Debating Peter Tatchell on whether boys can have periods

David Kurten asks Sadiq Khan about plans for celebrating the 31st October.

The black cab fleet is rapidly diminishing since you became Mayor says David Kurten.

David Kurten expresses his concerns about any recycling being done abroad.

David Kurten defends the livelihoods of London's black cab drivers.

David Kurten heckled by Labour as he questions Khan on his attitude to President Trump.

David Kurten questions OPDC on plans for the compulsory purchase of Car Giant.

I misspoke! Sadiq Khan's Deputy Mayor admits to David Kurten that PM2.5s are within the legal limit.

Kurten heckled for supporting Brexit and Trump!

London Taxis and Road Restrictions.

Kurten asks if Christian street preachers will be arrested.

David Kurten to Sadiq Khan - Stop narrowing roads for cycle superhighways and use the money to fund extra police officers instead!

AM David Kurten proposes amendment to Mayor's budget to increase police and improve air quality.

AM David Kurten proposes amendment to Mayor's budget to increase police and improve air quality.

Kurten opposes the London Assembly call for a second referendum.

Kurten asks why the Mayor approved offensive people's votes adverts.


David Kurten Speech at the UKIP 2018 Conference.

Kurten: "Chequers is a dog's breakfast of a deal".

David Kurten - Social Conservatism.

Kurten takes apart Khan's plan for a second referendum.

David Kurten roasts Sadiq Khan on Brexit.

David Kurten anti SJW speech UKIP  conference 2017.

On International Women's Day 2017, I pay tribute to the women who campaigned and voted for Brexit.

David Kurten AM Praises Kellyanne Conway on womens day.

David Kurten tackles Mayor Khan over Hezbollah flag.

David Kurten on the final debate.
David Kurten - Llandudno 2016.

London Assembly member David Kurten in Bournemouth.

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