Leaving the European Union


Europe is a beautiful continent, but the EU is the wrong future for Europe. An anti-democratic, technocratic, corrupt and profligate superstate is bad for everyone.  


The UK should have left the EU on WTO rules on 29th March 2019, and again on 12th April 2019, but there are many sinister figures in the EU, UK and global establishments who want to overturn the democratic will of the British people.


Our fight to win a full Brexit is not over until we leave the EU and leave in full!

NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL. Leaving the EU on WTO terms will bring back control of our sovereignty, border and fishing waters. It will allow us to make free-trade agreements around the world, and it will save the nation £39,000,000,000 of hardworking British taxpayers’ money. We will also keep control of our armed forces which the EU is trying to incorporate into a European Army.


This is the message we must repeat again and again to counter the fake narratives of fear and doubt which are being sown by Remoaners. 


However even when we do leave the EU, there are enough people left in the old Lib-Lab-Con blob who will seek to hinder us and dismantle what is left of our nation from inside. Brexiteers, social conservatives, populists and patriots must work together to re-establish our heritage and Make Britain Great Again.

Fighting Cultural Marxism


After Brexit, however, our job is not over. The UK has the potential of a great future, but to ensure that the UK enjoys the freedom and prosperity which it will bring, we must also rebuild the fabric of our nation which has been systematically dismantled both by the EU, and by Cultural Marxism, which lies behind the political correctness which is becoming ever more insane and suffocating by the week.

Stop Overcrowding


Unaffordable homes, packed trains, lack of school places and hospital beds all result from uncontrolled immigration. We need an end to the rapid, mass, uncontrolled immigration of the Blair/Brown/Cameron/May years. A controlled immigration policy is the only way to stop the UK population growing unsustainably (currently 600,000+ every year)

Education and Skills

Education in the UK needs a complete overhaul to tackle the red blob which currently controls it. This is vital as the UK leaves the EU. I will make the implementation of a tripartite education system a top priority with grammar schools for the academically talented, technical schools to train young people with an aptitude for practical and vocational skills, and general schools to ensure that all children have the personal and entrepreneurial skills and employability to succeed in the world of work if they leave formal education at 16.


The UK must become self-sufficient in skills rather than relying on importing skilled and unskilled labour from abroad. We must train enough of our own young people to succeed and thrive in professional and technical careers, particularly as nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, construction workers and IT professionals. Universities need to become lean and mean again and focus on delivering high quality academic courses. It is not right to encourage too many young people to go to University, particularly those who will benefit more from following a non-academic route and would be better off getting a job at 16 or 18 and learning a trade.

There should be free tuition for STEM degrees, and grammar & technical schools in every area, so excellence is rewarded at all levels. Let's train British youngsters to do skilled jobs so that we are self-sufficient in skills, and don't need to depend on an unsustainable flow of workers from abroad.


Economy and Finance


Government must become fiscally responsible, and will stop wasting vast amounts of money on HS2, wasteful 'overseas development' and 'green subsidies'. Governments easily forget that they do not have their own money; the money raised from taxation belongs to the people and should be spent wisely: on public services in the UK such as schools, the NHS, the police and border force and honouring the military covenant rather than running down our armed forces.


We must also continue to reduce the deficit and get the nation's finances back into balance otherwise there will be a heavy price to pay in the future. Countries which consistently rack up debt always end up with a debased currency and/or hyperinflation which disproportionately harms the middle and working classes. We must also separate run-of-the-mill high street banking from high-stakes high-risk investment banking so that everyday people and small and low-risk businesses are protected if there is another banking crisis.


Freedom of Speech


Freedom of speech is under attack. Everyone must have the right to discuss and criticise all ideologies and texts without fear of being harassed by the state for their opinions, provided that they are not inciting violence. This is especially the case with extreme Islamist sects like al-Muhajiroun, Tablighi Jamaat and Hizb ut-Tahrir which promote a violent interpretation of certain Islamic texts as being literally true and to be applied in all times and all places: not just in 7th century Arabia, but 21st century Britain as well. It is also the case with transgenderism: it is a fact that there are two sexes - male and female, determined by anatomy and chromosomes, but people are now being thrown out of their jobs for speaking this self-evident truth!

The false narratives of 'hate crime'  and 'hate speech' are being used to erode freedom of speech, where people are harassed by the state for expressing legitimate opinions and concerns about certain ideologies.

The culture of political correctness endemic in many of our once fine institutions has allowed violent, aggressive manifestations of Islamism to thrive in many areas and particularly in our prisons. It has allowed the problem of grooming and raping of tens of thousands of girls under the age of 16 to fester in hundreds of towns of cities and towns across the country. This is a grave injustice and must be top of the list of the priorities to set this country right again. There is no need for any new laws; there just needs to be the political will to enforce the laws we already have. It is time to drain the swamp of political correctness in our institutions, so that the British people can be safe in our own country.

All decent people must stand against the sexualisation of children in schools and block teaching materials and lessons which encourage early sexual activity in children before they reach the age of consent. It was recently announced by the fake-Conservative Education Secretary that ‘Relationships Education’ will become compulsory in all schools both primary and secondary. This will allow sexual propaganda which is grossly age-inappropriate to confuse and damage young children. Most other parties cheered her on. Primary school and pre-school children should not be exposed to unscientific nonsense like genderqueer theory, gender fluidity or materials detailing non-reproductive sexual acts. There should always be freedom of speech to support the traditional family and traditional marriage.

End Politically Correct Policing

Violent crime is spiralling out of control in the UK, particularly in London. Theresa May cut the police force to the bone when she was Home Secretary. Sadiq Khan has 900 officers investigating 'hate crime' in London rather than patrolling the streets, and this is the pattern of policing around the country. 


The country needs an end to politically correct policing: we would increase stop and search which is an effective tool for preventing crime, and put 20,000 more police officers on the streets to fight real crime, not hurt feelings.

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