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I joined UKIP because I was impressed by how it is challenging the political elite in Westminster, and the courage the party has to address issues which the mainstream media tries to avoid but affect everyday people, such as the effects of rapid mass immigration on communities, TTIP and corruption in the international development budget and the so-called 'green' agenda.


Many of the trade rules and regulations implemented by some of the most powerful bodies, including the European Commission, keep African and other developing countries poor while enriching politicians' cronies who add little real value to the global economy. This perpetuates inequality on a global scale, and forces migration rather than building up local economies around the world through free and fair trade.


On a local level, UKIP will prioritise housing for local people and put a stop to the ever increasing pressure on NHS waiting times, transport, wages and green spaces by introducing an Australian-style points system for work permits which will bring the unsustainable rise in net immigration back to a healthy and economically beneficial balance.

London Assembly


I was elected onto the London Assembly for UKIP in May 2016. I sit on the Transport, Housing and Environment Committees and the Education Panel of the Assembly. I am also a member of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) which oversees the running of the London Fire Brigade.

Before Politics


I studied Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, before completing a PGCE at the University of Bath. I have been a Chemistry teacher for 15 years and have taught in both state and private schools in Hampshire, Botswana, London, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New York and Bermuda.


In 2014, immediately before entering politics, I visited over 100 schools in 15 countries performing Chemistry lectures and demonstrations to enthuse young people to study and engage with Science on the 'Einstein on the Road' Tour sponsored by EF Academy.

Kazakhstan, 2014

China, 2014

'The Magic of Science' in Astana, Kazakhstan


The biggest audience of the Einstein on the Road tour was in NurOrda School, Astana, Kazakhstan with over 350 students in attendance. Some students from the school's media department interviewed me afterwards and made this video.

'Einstein on the Road' in Brazil


This is another video of some of my lessons filmed on location in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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