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Heritage Party Leader

The Heritage Party stands for pride in our nation, traditional family values, liberty and free speech, low immigration and financial responsibility

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Public Speaker

I make regular appearances at political conferences and other events around the country concerning a wide range of topics.

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I have written numerous articles on political and cultural matters for titles such as the Conservative Woman, Breitbart, the Bruges Group, the Bow Group and Heritage Council

Heritage Party Principles

We desperately need a change from the old two-party system which has let us down and is running the nation into decline.The Heritage Party is the alternative the country needs, and stands for the things that are simple common sense that other parties are now against:


  • Pride in our nation, history, and culture

  • Protecting our countryside and cities from rampant development

  • No ‘net zero’ – no bans on petrol and diesel cars or gas boilers

  • No more lockdowns

  • No 'vaccine passports' or ‘no jab no entry’ rules.

  • Free speech and an end to 'cancel culture'

  • Strong border control and ending mass, rapid immigration

  • National sovereignty

  • Cutting wasteful government spending and reducing taxes



Read our full manifesto at




Make London Safe Again
Defend Free Speech
Unblock Our Roads
end the war on motorists
Protect Our Heritage
Support Our Black Cabs
Sustainable Investment in Rail
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